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I still haven't been able to win the first battle. Somehow, it seems that the battle never ends. It's really hard to win with a keyboard because you need to jump from the arrow keys to the mouse and in that space of time, you get killed. My second suggestion for you is, please don't make it so hard so that you can reach a larger audience of people. I really think that the story is good, I love the art and the music. I also love your logo which made me laugh the first time I saw it.

I get killed every time during the first fight...

I see the picture of a  mouse telling me to click the left side and I do.

An axe appears  and then I can fight back  or

if the arrows appear, I can move left or right but after that the

character doesn't do anything and I get bombed by rocks and by the last

huge monster who floods me with an intense ray of light.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried to use every single input available with the keyboard but nothing happens...

Can anyone help?

Each of the mini-games have a different objective.
During the falling pods mini-game you have to click each pod before it hits you.
During the eyes mini-game you have to remember the pattern and repeat it.

The controls popup just lets you know what buttons will be needed for that mini-game.
Using a gamepad will change this dramatically.