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Heartbound is a non-traditional role-playing game about a boy and his dog.

  • Follow Lore and Baron on their adventures.
  • Handle combat through a series of unique mini-games.
  • Change the story through exploration and interaction with the world.
  • A massive series of optional cryptographic puzzles that can be solved as a community.
  • Varying environments with unique pixel art, an inspired soundtrack, and tons of extra socks.
  • That awful feeling when you do something terrible to someone who loves you.
  • More gags than you can shake a stick at. Binder can lend you one of his if you don't bring your own.


  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian


  • Play with a Keyboard and Mouse or your favorite controller.

Jason Thor Hall

Game Designer, Programmer, Writer, Effects Artist

Founded Pirate Software to follow his longstanding dream of building an indie games company. Thor operates as a programmer, artist, and writer on the team. His body is composed of 98% ramen noodles and hate. Owner of Gadget and Gizmo the nightmare cat duo. He bailed out of a 7 year career at a major Triple A developer to create Heartbound.

Bradie Shaye Rehmel
Lead Artist

The lead artist and mascot wrangler for Heartbound. She is in charge of all in-game assets, concept art, promotional work and miscellaneous Heartbound-related doodlings. She has an affinity for arthropods such as tarantulas and hissing cockroaches. Goblin her glorious rabbit son is Pirate Software's mascot. Previously created all of the art for Champions of Breakfast under the Pirate Software banner.

Stijn van Wakeren
Composer and Sound Designer

The lead composer and musical mastermind for Heartbound. Stijn is in charge of all in-game musical scores, sound effects, and other audio components. They collect large amounts of strange and interesting instruments, incorporating them into the game’s audio score when possible. Some say you can hear their melodic compositions coming down from the Dutch mountains, entrancing those whose ears are graced by it.


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Heartbound Demo - Windows
Heartbound Demo - Mac
Heartbound Demo - Linux

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Have new updates afther 100 days? Let's check))) 
A-a-and i have question, what engine you are use to crate this game?


Eh....  Only demo T-T

Apperently for the linux version there is no way to luanch the program

Which distro? Works fine on ours.

Linux Mint

(Edited 1 time)

I also want to point out that Ive been able to install via the itch.io client but when i open the aplication it doesnt open and instaead a window pops up sayin the launch failed


Thank you so much for the wonderful game! I cannot wait for the full release!!


i love this game <3


hi,  i was really looking forward to playing this game but whenever i try to download the mac file it tells me it's damaged

There is a known issue with the mac build. Check out the steam version and things should be fine.


Best itch.io page I've seen I will try the game soon!

This is outstanding and I want more.



Hello, I’m here to offer a contrary opinion of this universally-praised game, which I feel is necessary to provide in order to provide a more neutral palette to this discourse of this title.

I found the circumstances of what Heartbound is, to be frank, a series of disconnected ideas that, though they have the potential to be decent in their own right, fail to cohere in a way that I felt satisfying, or even logical at times. I found many of the worst tropes of writing are present in this title, making extensive use of non-sequiturs to advance the plot along, making marketable characters that fail to actually be characters instead of hollow shells, and a whole lot of Narm.

It is a very competently-styled game, and there were many little bits I appreciated (including the overall art of the game), though I feel that the fundamental tenants of storytelling are faulty, despite the gameplay being somewhat exciting. I feel the Undertale comparison is apt: a cynically manipulative story with some good bits in there, but on the whole, I just didn’t like very much.

I gave it one star on Kratzen, though much of the review is meant to be over-the-top, so don’t expect a too-serious criticism. I’m sure your game will satisfy your legions of fans though. And, at the end of it all, that’s all who you should strive to satisfy.


Urg, this is such a sweet demo, damn! (Prepare yourself for some gushing which might have some light spoilers and probably inaccurate quotes, since I am writing most of this out of memory)

The art in this game is so, so pretty. I love the design of everything, I feel like hugging everyone! They are so cute! And even though they are cute you still manage to make things scary and gross... It's really awesome! The letters changing to make different lines of dialog appear also helped with the atmosphere and were just plain awesome.

Also - there is so much to interact with! It's wild! I love basically everything about Binder's house (and Binder himself, oops). I mean, the fact that he gives Lore the dog figurine "as long as he gives it the respect it deserves"? And the book pile family? Arg! So great!

And it's not just in Binder's house! The whole "You may have an axe, but this isn't that kind of game" was great! (I may or may not have decided to turn on the stove and automatically regret it, when I realized I couldn't turn it off. I may or may not have also gone to the kitchen to check on it at any given opportunity, and may or may not have been relieved when it was turned off for me.)

I love the scattered socks! I don't really understand them sometimes (why are you in this sink, pile of socks?), but at least they seem to be having a good time (Enjoy your books, sock)!

The puzzles and mini games are also really great. It was fun having to figure out what I had to do in each one, since you didn't make it as obvious as most puzzle games make.

I was a bit confused about the save point, at first I was scared to have Lore write in his name and something bad happen (I might have been a bit traumatized after the stove incident); but I eventually figured it out.

I like that Lore can rest any time you save and the explanations of why he would are really charming (a favorite of mine is "this place is warm and comfy, I'm sure Binder would understand if you took a nap", which yeah, of course. Binder is great. Did I already mention that I love Binder?) and the fact that he always wakes up back in his room is also really nice (I like how there are new items for each part of the game you have already played through).

Anyway, I really, really liked this demo and I am looking forward to the full game. I love every single character I met in this demo, and I am sure the rest is going to be just as great! Keep up the good work!


m y h e a r t

(Edited 2 times) (+1)

I decoded your darksider language. here is the 9 quotes said in it in order from beginning to end.

  1. You will understand when its over. This is for the best.
  2. That will not happen. Not now. Not yet.
  3. We can fix this.
  4. It is almost over. Everything will be alright.
  5. Do not interfere. He is not ready. You know this.
  6. Its time. Are you ready?
  7. You made it this far. Just don't give up.
  8. Its going to be ok. You can do this.
  9. Dark amplify shatter. (this one is from the "dark" ending.)

I also LOVED the game. the adding of the socks you can find is neat. story overall is great.


PS: I can't figure out the other language. (the one binder used.) if anyone can tell me how to decode it, email me at tjfisawesome@gmail.com


WHY DID IT HAVE TO EEEEEEEEEND??????? *cries forever*

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

It's a beautiful game, and I enjoyed the demo. Love the characters, the idea, and I enjoyed all of the little quirky jokes as well. Cannot wait to see the full version! <3


This game was great! I loved the characters and the concept and can't wait to see more of the game. 

I made a video on the game, giving my thoughts on the game as well: 


im crying. thats so deep. great job guys [*]let us save that lil pupper[*]


so when do you think the full game will come out,cant wait to record it for a video

We are expecting to launch in Early/Mid 2018

I DIDN'T REALIZE IT WASN'T THE FULL GAME. I'M SO SADDD ASJSDDFLAIEHVNSDL. Wonderful game though, I can not WAIT for the full version!!

incredible, simply incredible

This game is so faantastic! I can not wait for the full game! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

i played and i really want the full game out

i loved this game so much it's a grate  story and mechanics!!!

I loved this game so much!! I can't wait for the full game to come out :)

I'm already hooked on this game!! As soon as I got to the first save point I was thinking about how muhc time I could possibly spend playing it.

If you're a fan of Undertale you'll love this. The charming personality of the character drags you in and you can't help but fall in love with Lore and his dog Baron. 

Gameplay is full of puzzles and keeps you engaged the whole time. Love the whole thing!! 

The story is addicting from the get-go and I already can't wait to see where this leads!!!


This is amazing. The comparisons to Undertale are inevitable, but that's just because you

made (are making) an amazing game that seems to be doing a lot of the same things right.

Unique gameplay in an rpg (unique in the genre and unique from Undertale), interesting

story, and great audio/visuals.

Can't wait for the full game!

I love it!!!!!!!!

The only thing that I think could be better is slightly better dialogue, and A COMPLETE STORY!

Sorry, I'm just in the edge of my seat for the rest of the game.

This was so awesome! Great characters, unique style and I can’t wait for the full release!!

(Edited 1 time)

This game is AMAZING. I love Baron and Lore and legitimately care for them. I also love the little drops of depression in between that makes you wary of Lore. The music is soothing and the design of the game really blends to the music.

  I hope I'll be able to play the full game ( I'm just a poor frog afterall).

This was beautiful and relaxing to play, really looking forward to see what they do with the game. Lovely work with the demo


Hey! Absoulutly loved this game! I really got a Undertale vibe from all of it! I just posted a let's play of this Awesome game too! Can't wait for the full release!

When is this game coming out?!?!?!?!

I HAD AN AMAZING TIME PLAYING THIS!! I plan to do a full playthrough when it comes out. Keep up the amazing work! 

Nice game! Where do you make the game?  

Its like Undertale, but also lotta Hyper Light Drifter inspiration! Cant wait for the full game to come out!!

(Edited 1 time)

I can't describe how much I absolutely love this game. At first it reminded me of Undertale, and it still does, but it is so unique in so many ways. The battle system is a bit confusing at first but very atmosspheric and interactive; the artstyle is absolutely gorgeous. The soundtrack is beutiful and the inventorty ststem is exceptional. I would not hesitate to buy this game as soon as the full one is released.

Look like Undertale: I love it!

Do you know the zelda-like  Hunter1 ?


I might have found the game of all games, one that reaches into my childhood and reminds me of Earthbound. With it's sprinklings of the feelings of Undertale, this is a big deal for sure!

just got the game it looks like undertail #exicited

undertale not tail... wayyyyy different age groups

I cannot WAIT for the full version!!

Excellent, simply excellent. I've been looking into to trying the demo for a few days now and I'm very happy that I had the chance to experience it.

The game looks great, the art and visual design is quite charming and the animations are smooth. Music and sound are also fantastic and suite the game very well. It's very easy to tell that there's been a lot of time and love put into how the game looks and sounds.

Despite only being a small chunk of the game, the demo introduces us to the main characters which I found to be quite interesting and unique, the dialogue is well written and the characters work well together.

I was actually quite sad when the demo was over as I was really getting into the game, this is truly a unique experience and one that I'm happy I got to enjoy. If the demo is anything to go off of, the game is going to be fantastic when it releases, and I'm looking forward to the day that it does.

I hope you don't mind, but I recorded a let's play of the demo for my channel. 

Cheers and best wishes to you.


Yo what a voice man! Just subscribed to your channel, great content!

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